Spa break!

The two best words coming after weekend.

Bath is a lovely town in Somerset with natural hot thermal water, which makes it the ideal destination for a relaxing weekend.
In just over two hours a direct train from Clapham Junction deposited us on the platform. The plan was: croissants, coffee, spa, afternoon tea, hotel, dinner. Unfortunately, since the spa is so popular, it’s basically impossible to get in at weekends, unless you are happy to queue for an hour or more in the freezing cold February air.

Never mind. We decided to have a look at the town. The natural thermal water has been used since before the Romans (us Italians basically) and we visited the site of the old Roman Baths. Stunning.

Roman Baths – the water is green because the pool is not covered by a roof as it used to be and the sun has made plants and algae grow – said the audio guide

Those Romans did really know how to enjoy their lives. Sauna, hot water, exercise, good food, wine, theatre… Pretty much what I do!

We then set off to the hotel, just a short bus ride from the city. And that’s when I started feeling like I was in a Jane Austen novel.

Our four poster bed. With the fluffiest, warmest duvet I’ve ever had

Love the view from here. Can you spot my feet?

On Sunday the weather was beautiful. We walked from the hotel to the city, a good 40 minutes, in the sun, breathing the fresh morning air. No queue to get in the spa and in a few minutes we were in our robes and slippers ready to relax. The spa has a rooftop terrace with a hot pool and that’s where we were heading first. We took our robes off shivering despite the sun – it’s still bloody winter! and dived in the pool. Well not literally dived. Because that would be dangerous.

A thing British people don’t worry about is eating and then going in the water straight after. The spa was at an acceptable temperature to bathe even on a very full stomach (breakfast: one croissant, eggs Benedict on a toasted muffin, toast, two cups of tea, one glass of champagne) but I started worrying about the few seconds I would have had to walk in my bikini to get in the water. I mean, this is pretty irresponsible. The manager of the spa should think about these things. It’s a health and safety issue.

The spa was great but it’s not a place I would go back to in the immediate future. It gets busy so quickly and bathing in a small space with a bunch of strangers is not my idea of relaxation. It’s pretty gross actually. I wonder how the Romans felt about it.

xx G


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