Let’s talk sexism

My new Tee!

Don’t worry I still have my “Barbie wants to be me” t-shirt. And I still wear it. Often. Even at work.

What’s behind the new t-shirt:

Page 3 is featured on The Sun, a popular national British newspaper and it basically consists of a picture of a young topless woman with no more than her name and her age.

A group of people have started a campaign to kindly ask the newspaper to stop publishing it, (check and sign here in case you were interested) and I decided to support them, hence the t-shirt.  I think that this page can explain very well all the reasons behind the campaign, reasons that I mostly agree with.

I think my interest in having more active role to fight sexism has been triggered by the following conversation I had with my previous employer a while ago.
I said conversation? I meant monologue, he wasn’t really having conversations with people. He just liked the sound of his voice.

Men are genetically made to aim at independence. Money gives you independence. Women, on the other hand, just want to find a man that provides for them and makes them feel secure. Don’t you agree?

No. I don’t. You are a sexist pig.

So, here’s the story.

Just a quick update on my extra curricular activities, since I haven’t seen you in ages and when we’re together we never have the chance to talk about this.

xx G

Some of my other favourite websites related to the topic:

Everyday Sexism Project
Let Toys Be Toys For Girls And Boys


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk sexism

  1. curiosetta says:

    The whole page three thing is weird.

    Do you believe women are full status adults, with the agency and autonomy that comes with being an adult, who are capable of choosing how they earn a living and what they do with their lives?

    If you do then how can you campaign to have these women denied their employment opportunities? What’s the difference between campaigning to stop them earning money (or just expressing themselves) by modelling topless…. and campaigning to, say, stop them from earning money running a small cafe? Maybe you don’t like looking at page 3 and maybe you don’t like their muffins and coffee….. but does that give you the right to have their operations shut down?!!!! Can’t you just NOT BUY the Sun, or NOT EAT in their cafe?

    And surely by campaigning to Murdoch himself, and completely bypassing any dialogue with the women whose jobs you are trying to shut down, you are exhibiting the very patronising, belittling, demeaning, disempowering attitudes you claim to oppose? You are treating these women as if they are children who don’t know what’s best for themselves, and you are running to ‘daddy Murdoch’ (a powerful businessman) with your demands.

    If women are indeed equal to men (and equal to feminists who only represent about 25% of women) then surely you should be opening a dialogue with these women and expressing your opinions, but without trying to dictate what they actually DO with their lives which is THEIR business and not yours.

    How would YOU feel if someone didn’t like what YOU did for a living, and they ran to you boss and put pressure on him/ her to stop employing you? Can you see why feminists get the name feminazis? When private interests (in this case feminists) seek to control trade and industry (in this case women who model for an income) that is the very definition of FASCISM.

    Meanwhile, we have another bunch of feminists protesting up and down the streets topless (with balaclavas on their heads!) demanding the right to expose their breasts in public. Are you able to see the madness in trying to shut down women’s right to model topless on one hand, and campaigning for women’s right to walk about topless on the other?

    The T-shirt ‘No more page three’ might as well read ‘No more Greek tavernas’ or ‘No more fruit markets’ or ‘No more gay bars’ or ‘No more pet stores’…… all you are doing is voicing your desire to shut down someone’s means of generating an income just because it’s not something that you like.

    I mean do you actually, sincerely believe you have the right to tell these women what they can and can’t do with their lives?

    I’m just not trying to rant at you 🙂 ……. I’m genuinely interested to understand what the actual belief system or motivation is behind this campaign.


    • BritishCappuccino says:

      Dear Curiosetta,

      Thanks for stopping by and not only reading our blog but also taking the time to reply to one of our posts. Since this blog is written by two people, first of all I’d like to say, it’s me, G, replying, who has also posted about Page 3.

      I don’t believe “the whole page three thing” is weird. I believe it’s important to understand what problems might lie behind a national newspaper that decides to have porn on one of their pages.

      I believe women are free to showcase their naked bodies as they see fit. I am not against porn as a concept but I believe that there is a time and a place for porn and that is not within the news.
      I am sorry if it seems I am “denying employment opportunities” to women. I was just expressing an opinion not against women that are pictured in the newspaper but against the decision the newspaper made to publish topless women.

      If you have a look at the No More Page Three stories, maybe you would understand why there is a campaign against it. There are stories of abuse, of nasty comments, of disrespect towards women.
      The Sun is a family newspaper that children can easily find in their homes, or their friend’s homes or in cafes or everywhere. It teaches them that while men do any sort of jobs and are powerful and interesting, all that women can do is being naked for the pleasure of men.
      You may want to notice that the biggest picture of a woman on that newspaper is a topless one. This sends the message that no matter who these girls are, their role is to serve men sexually. They are no more than a name and an age to the readers.

      Can you imagine for example having a teenager daughter coming home one day crying and explaining that some boys have cornered her at school trying to take her top off to compare her breasts to the ones on Page Three? How would you feel if your male employer had Page Three open on his desk everyday?

      I can definitely not buy the Sun and I in fact don’t. But the newspaper’s circulation is very widely spread and me, as many other people, do stumble upon it even though they decided not to buy it. A newspaper should not perpetrate sexism, as much as rape, violence, racism and so on. Unfortunately showcasing women in a national newspaper as men’s objects reinforces the idea that women are sexual objects for the pleasure of men and it also reinforces rape, abuse, violence against women.

      I am most definitely not “running to daddy Murdoch with my demands”. This is not a demand, this is a polite request. And if you took the time to read the petition, you will see that is in fact addressed to David Dinsmore, The Sun’s editor.
      “If women are indeed equal to men” why are they in the newspaper without their clothes off and not fully dressed, with a story about who they are, what job they do, what sports do they play etc?

      “When private interests (in this case feminists) seek to control trade and industry (in this case women who model for an income) that is the very definition of FASCISM.” I am not sure what you think might be a feminist’s “private” interest in removing Page Three from The Sun?

      “Are you able to see the madness in trying to shut down women’s right to model topless on one hand, and campaigning for women’s right to walk about topless on the other?” And are you able to see that I am in fact talking about something else? This is not about modelling topless. This is about the fact that porn should not be part of a national family newspaper. And I don’t seem to recall being part of those “bunch of feminists demanding the right to expose their breasts in public”. Never done that.

      Also please note that I have never defined myself a feminist in my post. Yes I have used the tag “feminist” because I thought it might attract a type of audience interested in what I was saying. But I never used the word feminist related to me. I don’t think of myself as a feminist since I am still not sure what that word means to me. But I do think of myself as someone who is against any form of sexism.

      I don’t have the right to tell anyone what do and in fact I am not doing it. I am just expressing an opinion. As you did.

      I would suggest, when you have time, to read the No More Page Three website carefully and maybe also have a look at the Everyday Sexism Project page. It might help you understand even better why I decided to support the campaign against Page Three.

      Thank you for your time.



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