Fiction – talking of immersive theatre

EKA how I wished you were here yesterday!

I think I mentioned that I currently volunteer in two theatres in my neighbourhood and last night I went to the Battersea Arts Centre. It’s a very special place, (you can see a video about them here), they have preserved the old town hall building as it was and it looks stunning. The next time I’ll go I’ll take some pictures but you can always ask Google in the mean time.

Anyway this is all to say that after helping with Front of House duties, I could to see the show for free. And if only you were here, I would have brought you with me! I know how much you love immersive theatre experiences.

Do you remember the show we saw in the old mental institution, when to reach the performing space we had to walk thought the garden in the dark and we thought we could hear the spirits of the dead patients? And do you remember when we went to see that other show, The Puss In Boots, and had to dress up as kittens and participate to the performance walking around with cat ears and tail?

Well, this was a thousand times better in terms of how much you would have hated me if I tricked you into coming with me.

Fiction is an immersive theatre experience by Fuel, a producing organisation for “adventurous people”. Like me and you!

We were in a pitch black room with headphones on. In the beginning I started to freak out a bit because the voice I could hear in my left ear was so clear that I thought it was actually coming from someone sitting next to me. And the the steps and the noises. I thought about removing my headphones and getting back to reality. But I persisted.

When I go home after the theatre I usually have trouble sleeping because my head is full of images and words. An experience like this, on the other hand, leaves you with sensations and feelings, more than images. I was scared at the beginning, the darkness was swallowing me and I felt I couldn’t breathe. I decided to close my eyes, I felt that it made the darkness my choice rather than theirs. Bit of a control freak here. I realised my mind was trying not to get too involved with the voices in my head because I didn’t want to lose myself in the fiction. But then I let my body relax and my mind concentrate. I let my self drift into relaxation, into sleep. And the dream began to become more vivid.

Julie, the French girl who was my chaperone in the dream, was a safe figure. She was always there whispering in my ear and making sure I was ok. When she separated from me at the end of the performance I was lost, I started worrying that the other voices would have hurt me. Then the explosions began.
And as suddenly as it started, the dream ended.



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