The things is when a theatre is on fire (as in literally) not only an amazing Grade II listed building is getting damaged, not only many people were in danger, not only they will have to spend so much money and time trying to re-open, but a little bit of us is burning. 

The Battersea Arts Centre means so much for so many people. It’s a space for artists to explore their creativity and for kids to have fun, for people to meet and talk about culture and dance and theatre or just have a drink in the lovely bar. People even got married there. 

I felt very emotional when I saw the pictures online and I then could smell the smoke in the air. And just I volunteer there only every now and then. I wonder how everyone that works there must have felt seeing the flames swallowing the Grand Hall and the ceiling collapsing. 

This is why I decided to support them with a small donation. D said he didn’t agree with me because “the insurance will pay everything back and they will just have so much money after this”. It really doesn’t matter. I know that even if the insurance is already paying for everything my £10.00 will still be used for something good. This is why I donated here

xx G

Credit: @londonfire


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