Last week in highlights

EKA I’m so sorry for having disappeared like this! I had one of the busiest weeks ever. I’ll just run through it to give you an idea of what I have been up to.

Wednesday: Penelope Retold

On Wednesday I volunteered at the Battersea Arts Centre. The building, as you know, recently had a fire destroying a big part of it, the Grand Hall and all their offices.

The show I volunteered for is about Penelope, Odysseus’ wife. It tells you the story from her point of view, of abandoned wife, bringing up a child alone in a land that is not hers, with no family, no friends, knowing that her husband is having fun in the Mediterranean Sea having sex with all those cute girls he is meeting. Bastard.
The show was great, I really enjoyed it and the performer, Caroline Horton, was really good.

Thursday: Tramontana Brindisa and the gig 

So that was meant to be a date night for me and D. We were going to see his friend James, who is an amazing musician, playing at Concrete in Shoreditch with a singer called Mike Davies. Shoreditch is in East London and a long way away from our area. I was actually quite excited to go out somewhere new and Shoreditch has that great vibe that makes you feel so cool and young again!

I wanted to have dinner in a restaurant called Andina which is Peruvian (what do Peruvians eat??) but it was full (too popular even on a Thursday) so I booked a table at a Spanish tapas place called Tramontana. The restaurant was nice, the food ok and the prices not too high. But for the same price we could have had much better food in out favourite tapas spot, Carmen.

We then headed to the gig which was supposed to start at 9pm. It didn’t. It started at 10pm. At that point I was really tired, (went to bed late on Wednesday after the show) and I couldn’t afford another late evening because I knew I had to work all night on Friday. We still managed to have a beer and a shot of Frangelico, which is not a shot but something to sip after dinner and enjoy. Those English will never learn. We only stayed for a couple of songs but then had to leave early. D came with me and we had a little discussion because I wanted him to stay and enjoy the gig.

Friday: the 18th birthday party

Not mine obviously. Nor any of my friend’s. But a party we organised and I had to work at, after the whole day in the office (started at 9:30am, finished at 3:30am).
Great party for 120 “young adults” (I don’t think we knew 120 people when we were 18, did we?) in an amazing massive house in Barnes.
I was in charge of emptying the vodka luge dripping bucket and briefing the stripper. Yes, it was a present from the mother to the daughter. Yes, it was extremely embarrassing. The birthday girl hated it. All her friends were like “Yuhuuu, *** him, *** his ***, let him *** you!”

The highlight of the night was when I realised that someone has left with my bag with all my make up, my wallet, my phone and some clothes. I then started hating drunken teenagers more than ever. The bag was found but the day after I then realised my favourite cashmere jumper was MIA. It still is. Will come back to you with updates on this.

Saturday: sleeping and running

My Saturday was spent trying to stay awake and going for a run with my friend T. Also I was on my period and I was feeling shite (not a typo, these British people say it like this sometimes and it’s pronounced sciait). D went out in the evening, I stayed in and had porcini mushrooms risotto, that he hates and I love.

Sunday: more work

Last Monday at our weekly meeting I volunteered to help at the shooting of a music video that we are going to use to promote our band with clients. Great idea on Monday, bad idea on a second-day-of-period Sunday. I still had very bad cramps, pain in my lower back, nausea and headache and I hated everyone: the full package basically.  I went to the studio but when I realised that my help wasn’t really needed I decided I could just leave earlier. I stayed a few hours, enough to fall in love with the percussionist, and then I told my colleague I wasn’t feeling very well and I left. As soon as I arrived home I made a home made bar of chocolate! And that’s the only picture I managed to take all weekend. Other than the percussionist ones I have already sent you.

xx G


Recipe from Deliciously Ella


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