My British weekend

Last weekend D and I went back to his parents’ for some quiet time in the countryside. They live in a town near Gatwick and luckily there are direct trains every thirty minutes from Clapham Junction. D’s sister has just got a new job and was coming with her boyfriend, so we could have some celebration together.

A British weekend is all about food. And drinks. You are offered the first cuppa as soon as you step in, followed by a bacon sandwich for lunch. I don’t usually eat animals and especially bacon but I decided to go for the full British experience (and I didn’t want to be fussy). After washing down the sandwich with a second cup of tea, I decided to have a nap. Yes, I am still recovering from last Friday’s party. Yes, I am 50 years old.

When I woke up everyone was having a slice of fruit cake as an afternoon snack. Do you remember the Christmas cake I made for you a couple of years ago? Well this is the same thing but there’s no added alcohol. And I then had cup of tea number 3.

For dinner D’s parents booked a table at a local pub. We always have food in amazing places when we are visiting them and this one was lovely too.


I should probably apologise for the poor quality of the images. I’m sorry. I was hungry. And apparently my iPhone is not that good. There I started the evening off with a G&T followed by Squid Chips (fried calamari) and a shallots and blue cheese quiche. Awesome. We chose a nice red wine to go with the food and us “children” had a bit too much because the adults were driving. The dessert was supposed to be a chocolate fondant but there was no melting heart. It looked just like a brownie shaped as a cupcake. Still chocolatey enough to make me happy though.

On Sunday I went for the best British breakfast I can think of: porridge! D prepared it for me with maple syrup and dried fruits and nut, along with cup of tea number 1 of the day. Porridge is so creamy and warm and the maple syrup makes it sweet and is the best winter breakfast. Did I say winter? It’s because we had spring for a couple of weeks before spring officially arrived and now it’s winter again. When we go to D’s parents for Sunday lunch I now know I have to eat a lot beforehand. Because, for some inexplicable reasons, lunch is not served until after 3:30pm and by that time me and D are starving and being really grumpy. This time I was smart and had a second breakfast. Since it’s Easter time the supermarkets are full of this delicious Easter treat they have here: hot cross buns.

The softness of the dough and the dried raisins infused with spices and a hint of orange make these buns something to look forward to all year.

D’s sister was out all morning because she was walking a lama. Apparently near there, there is a lama park. You pay £25 and they give you a lama to walk. You can take pictures with the lama and feed it.

As soon as she got home it was Spritz time! Yes because I have imported this very special Italian tradition to the English countryside and now they just can’t live without it.

And then we had lunch. A full Sunday roast, with beef, potatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, parsnips and Yorkshire pudding, all covered in gravy. D’s mum knows how to cook. And we all know how to eat! For dessert she made apple and blackberry crumble with vanilla ice cream. D found me in the kitchen having a second serving straight from the tray. Oh yes.

xx G


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