My travel essentials


I hope all is fine!

I think I might have mentioned that in a week or so I’ll be off to Cuba? I surely have mentioned it. Maybe a hundred times?

Anyway, I am already making lists of things I need to take with me and I decided to share it, since I know you are a traveller. Also, maybe you can give me some good advice?

Let’s get started.

Medical travel insurance (compulsory in Cuba)
Cash (£50 a day, but I hope it’ll be less!)

Cystitis tablets (just in case)
Candida cream (as above)
Anti-anxiety drugs (for the plane)
Melatonin (for jet lag)
Insect spray (bought it for D’s trip to Morocco, might as well take it)

SPF cream face
SPF cream body
After sun
Coconut oil (multiple uses)
Argan oil? (for my hair)

Travel pillow
Books (9 hours on a plane!)

That’s it so far. Obviously I will add some clothes and shoes. And underwear. And a straw hat. 

Any tips?

xx G


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