Me Time

On Friday I decided to spend some time with G. It’s been ages since the last time I showed myself some love and attention so I decided to stay in (D is in Morocco for the weekend) and dedicate some time to self TLC. 

The night started with some exercise from my new favourite app, Nike+ Training. I only did a 30 minute session, while I was roasting some vegetables. After the workout, this was my dinner. 



Cucumber water, kale chips and a chickpea flour wrap with falafel, hummus, sun dried tomatoes, roasted vegetables and salad on the side. 

I put on my favourite dance movie, Centre Stage and I dived into my wrap!

After that I did a manicure and pedicure and then a hair mask with coconut oil. I had planned to do a full body scrub and a face mask and to put two cucumber slices on my eyes. But I was feeling snoozy and it all seemed to much of an effort after all the food I had. I definitely should do this more often! What do you do when you have time for yourself?

xx G


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